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What are the different help topics when creating a ticket for?
Last Updated 5 years ago

Bug Report

This is for those occasional situations that something is not working for certain visitors, or in certain situations. These can be tricky to diagnose, and can take longer to correct. It is important that you provide us information that will help us reproduce the issue.

Report a Problem

These are generally higher priority issues that need to be attended to quickly. These problems affect all visitors, all the time. If it is an issue that occasionally pops up, or for certain users, please use the Bug Report help topic.

Site is Down

This is an urgent request and will get our immediate attention.

Form is not working

This is for when the form is not working at all. All submissions are not going through or not able to go through. Not the same as a bug problem.

General Maintenance Request

As it implies, simple updates to your site. Simple updates usually take 1-3 business days. More complex requests can take longer and you should email us directly with a word doc explaining in detail what you need/want.

Please keep requests requiring scripting or database work separate with unique tickets.

Server Maintenance

If we manage your server, or, your website is hosted on one of our servers, use this for updates, changes or questions about your server.

General Inquiry

Got a question? Wondering about if something can be done? Use this topic.


Feedback is important to any comapny, including yours and ours. Whether positive, or negative, we need to hear about it.

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