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I have a bug with my website I need to report, what should I do?
Last Updated 5 years ago

The best thing you can do is to query the visitor and get information that will allow us to reproduce the issue. We know this can be difficult, impossible or embarrassing. But, if we can't reproduce it quickly, costs can add up trying to test the many parameters that could be.

Things that are good to know;
  • Operating System (Windows, iOS, Android) and possibly version (especially with WIndows)
  • Browser used, if IE, what version
  • If using the form, the form information, or order number
  • If uploading a file, good to have that file,
  • If an email issue, send us emails as an attachment, not a forwarded
We would like to know if we can contact the customer on your behalf.
If this is a recurring bug, please reopen or append a ticket, or ask us to.
Sometimes, it can take time, and several customers to diagnose an issue.
It can be frustrating, for you, your customer, and for us.
But, we'll do the best we can.

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